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What is load shifting?

Using solar panel battery storage for load shifting means managing the electrical load profile of your business to even out its distribution. Your organisation benefits from cheap energy at certain times whilst capturing excess exported power generated from renewable technology.

Your business can reduce energy costs by charging the solar battery storage when energy is cheap: either at night via the grid when tariffs are low and/or during the day with excess solar or wind generation. The power can then be ‘shifted’ to periods when energy is expensive (during the day and peak periods.)

Operating the solar PV battery storage in this way will typically flatten out your company’s demand for energy from the grid, giving you savings and helping to offset more of your carbon emissions. Load shifting can also help avoid the expense of upgrading your electrical connection by reducing the demand during peak periods and managing the load to fall within your agreed kVA capacity.

We are able to provide bespoke solar battery storage solutions to meet your business needs whilst offering maximum financial and environmental gains.