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What is peak shaving mode?

Operating your solar battery storage in peak shaving mode will enable you to avoid going over your agreed kVA capacity. During these periods, your business can be penalized heavily for using power, therefore, this can make a huge difference in achieving your financial objectives.

Transmission charges (kVA standing charge) from electricity suppliers are an expensive element of your company’s energy bill. Offsetting your peak load demand with energy stored in the battery will flatten your demand at these peak points and ultimately create substantial savings on your energy bill.

Reducing your peak consumption will also save money on distribution charges levied by electricity suppliers during these more expensive periods. This means that you can reinvest the money you’ve saved back into your business, therefore providing a source of sustainable growth.

If you are a growing business with increased energy demands, a solar PV battery storage system might be what you need to manage this, reducing costs and risk to your business – get in touch to find out more.